Return Policy

Return policy

April 2020


Thank you for supporting the pen by purchasing the digital books available on the site, which have been formatted and presented in a way to allow the users to buy the e-books from the authors themselves. All the e-books available on the site are digital books (PDF files), and when you select an e-book to buy this was mainly based on the short description of the book in addition to the number of pages and words of the book, as well as a free download link (free sample) has been given for each available e-book on the site, to help the user to make his decision to purchase it. Therefore, the user has no right to return or replace the e-book or e-books that he purchased after completing the payment process, and the user shall have a PDF reader on his device so he can read the e-book that he purchased.

If you receive an e-book differs from the book you purchased, you can claim to replace the book after notify the site by not later than one day from receiving the e-book and you must inform the site by the following through email :

  • The title of the book and the name of the author of the book you wanted to buy

  • The title of the book and the name of the author of the book received

  • The date and time of the completion of the purchase

  • The user name that he entered during the payment process

  • The electronic link sent to your email after completing the payment process