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How to Publish

Publish on Books Lines Platform

How to submit your book

1. Format the book content in accordance with the Content Format Template

2. Format the cover in accordance with the Cover Format Template

3. Fill out and send the publication form

BOOKSLINES Content Template

The content template is a Word file (.docx format), it contains:

1. The book title page 

2. Copyright page

3. Dedication page

4. ِOverview/glens about the book page

5. The novel's characters page

6. Index page

7. Novel chapters page

This content template is designed to allow the author to format his book in an elegant way and to allow the readers to browse the book smoothly.

All pages in the template are important except for the novel's characters page and the index page, which the author can delete if his novel does not require these pages.


The author need to download the following files to format his novel by himself:

1. Content Template (.docx file)

2. The required font (the file is in .ttf format). The author shall place (paste) this file in the fonts file on his PC to be able to use it in Word.


A video was prepared to explain how the author can transfer his novel into the template.

The video consists of three parts, and through it, the author can format his novel according to the BooksLines requirements 


BOOKSLINES Cover Template


Book Cover Requirements

  1. Cover dimensions shall be 2560 pixels (height) and 1600 pixels (width).

  2. The cover photo shall not be offensive to public morals

  3. The cover photo should be clear

  4. The copyright for the cover image should not be reserved to a party other than the author or be available to everyone without restrictions

  5. The title of the novel and the author's name shall be written on the cover


These requirements are made to unified all the novels in one standard form

The author can download the cover template and paste the cover of his novel on it, as the dimensions of the template fall within the requirements of BookLines.

BOOKSLINES Publishing Form

The publishing form consists of fields that shall be filled out by the author himself; author contact information and information related to his novel.

A place has also been allocated to upload the author’s book content (content formatted according to BOOKSLINES requirements) and the author’s novel cover (formatted according to BOOKSLINES requirements) in the same form.


The publishing form prepared to give the author his book rights and to preserve his rights.

Note: please before moving to the publishing form, make sure that you have finished formatting your novel according to the requirements , and also the cover of your novel is within the requirements.

Important notes:

1. Any submission not within the publishing form will not be accepted (the author shall submit his works through the publishing form only)

2. The author must format his novel to fit with BOOKSLINES template and follow the requirements (font type, font size, distances, margins, dimensions, ... etc.)

3. The author should design the cover of his novel as per BOOKSLINES requirements


In case of inquiries or support requests ... please contact us, BOOKSLINES team will assist you.