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Request Form For Novel Cover Design 


When the buyer successfully complete the online payment process, a message will sent to the buyer’s email confirming that the purchase has ended successfully in addition to a link(s) to download the digital e-book(s) that he purchased. The link also appears on the "Thank You" page, which appears on the website after completing the payment process.

The form was prepared to organize the reception of requests for designing covers for digital novels for all authors.

Please fill in the fields indicated with the star sign (*) in the application below and attach a clear picture of the required cover ... The design will be prepared and sent according to the attachments and information sent in the application.

Important notes

Please ensure to write your e-mail correctly in the form, as the design will be sent to the email exclusively.
The cover image of the novel to be attached to the form shall have a photo extension.

If more than one picture is attached to the form, please write your comments in the box and explain the required as simple as you can.
You can write the type of font that you want to use on the cover of the novel or we can choose a font that fits your novel.
The design preparation period ranges from one to two days.
The design of novel cover service is free to support all authors.

The cover design will have dimensions of 2560 x 1600 pixels

For inquiries and more information, please send an e-mail to us  Info@BooksLines.com

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